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Darlen Transport

CTS provides specialized Hyrail Transportation equipment and highly trained operating personnel for the Rail Industry.  Services include moving heavy equipment to jobsites with no road access, movement of materials for track maintenance and the movement of railcars.

Cloud Transportation Services Inc offers an alternative to work trains for the movement of machinery and rail cars.

The Hyrail Lowbed/Tractor/Crane Truck has the ability to move various commodities effectively and efficiently on rail or road.

The Hyrail Lowbed has the ability to get on and off the rails at standard crossings.  It can be driven to the closest accessible crossing to the jobsite, reducing on-rail time.

With a 10 ft x 45 ft deck the Hydraulic Scissorneck Lowbed can haul loads to 50 Tons on rail.  The Tractor-Mounted Folding Boom Crane has lifting capacities of 12,300 lbs @20 ft and 4000lbs @ 48 ft.

For the movement of Rail Cars the Hyrail Tractor can be equipped with a Rear-Mounted Coupler.  An Auxiliary Compressor is used to supply Air for Train Brakes.  The Compressor can also be used for dumping Air Dump Rail Cars.  

Image 3

Loading an EX200 Excavator

Image 2

Image 4

Hauling 65 Ton Truck Crane

Image 5

Image 6

High Rail Tractor Pulling 1 Air Dump and 2 Enterprise Cars

Image 7

Hauling 980 Cat Wheel Loader

Image 8

Full Train Air for Train brakes with air supplied by deck mounted air
 compressor which can also be used for dumping Air Dump Railcars